Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Around the World, Down the Prime Meridian..."

As you sleep, Finn, I stroke the world onto your forehead
Circling, drawing the lines of our planet with my fingers
Transferring the love of your great grandfather into your skin
Just as we did to your mother.

"Around the world
Down the Prime Meridian..."

You sleep, your eyes playing beneath their lids
Soaking in the words, the touch.
Are you dreaming of where you were three days ago?

You were hiding behind your brother Jack
Feet down
Ready to make a surprise entry
like a parachuter.

I can't even remember what it felt like to believe
that your mother was having only one baby.
It feels...

We waited that bright Saturday
waited for "the baby"
sitting outside in the sunshine
in the buffeting wind
at a cafe table
outside Capers
where your parents met
We waited
watching two men play UpWords
the same game your grandad and I played
when I was in labour.

Every movement on 4th was a sign

The woman pushing a bicycle
The pregnant women heading
to Semperviva
yoga mats tucked under their arms
Heading to the noon class
where your mother was supposed to be...

...where you would have been
Child's pose
Listening to the music chosen by your mother.

But you weren't at that class
You were with your mum and dad
at home
in the tub
hidden behind Jack
waiting to be born...

...waiting to surprise everyone!

"Across the Equator
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
North Pole
South Pole
Mount Everest
Mariana Trench..."

You have always been with us
and we never knew it
You have always been part of our bodies
our planet
You have always been...

...Blue Pacific"

Tomorrow I will stroke
the cartography of love
into your brother's face...

(Finn, the hidden water fairy, was only discovered a few minutes after his older brother, Jack, was joyfully born into his mother and father's arms, at home, on Saturday afternoon. Finn then declared his presence, kicking the midwife's hand... "Jack was not alone! I'm here!" Then, over an hour later, Finn, already master of the great entrance, responded to his mum's pushes and came, splash, feet first, before a large audience in the hospital...
Bright surprises can still happen in this world!)

Jacquie Munro - Grandma to Jack and Finn, Vancouver Doula, Slow Birth


Alexis said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! It brought the biggest smile to my face!

nicole alley said...

Simply beautiful!

Jenna Anderson said...

awesome. thank you for sharing such a tender moment with us.

Robert Biter, MD said...

Such a beautiful beautiful work of love...

Tracey @ My House of Giggles said...

This is so beautiful! It gave me those lovely chills all over :) Thanks so much for sharing!!! What a wonderful story!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you as grandma, to your new young family as parents and to Jack and Finn as new gifts to everyone! I am delighted with your poem as a welcome from you and so impressed with its poetic excellence! Phyllis Webster (mother of Glenys and grandma of Oscar!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jacquie and family! What a beautiful birth story.

Jenny Taylor
Birthing Buddies

Olívia Németh said...

So beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I love it Jacquie! Can't wait to see the boys again... They are a special pair.

Carolyn Saunders

Anonymous said...

Incredible. Put so eloquently. - kate

Sarah Juliusson said...

Joy! As the older sister to surprise twin boys, I can attest to the beauty of the unexpected. Love knowing there is still an element of surprise in today's world where we know too much...