Thursday, July 16, 2015

Slow Birth

This is the end of the line for this blog address.  Follow the path to  You'll find more doula, slow birth, slow parenting and slow living posts.  You'll also find more information on how I can help you along your own path.

The births this month have been beautiful and surprising and powerful.  You might think that, after attending more than 1200 births over 28 years, I might have seen it all.  But I haven't by a long shot! These mothers and babies and families teach me something new every day. From a sweet girl who was born "face first" (so rare that most of us have only seen this once before) to a client who "pedalled" her way up and over the mountains of labour. Another new mum thanked me for helping her to see that birth doesn't have to be scary... after she breathed her daughter into her arms while floating in water.  And another client whispered, "Do you think anyone will believe me when I tell them how amazing it was?! Don't get me wrong, it was way bigger than I had imagined, but that was great!"

I am currently working with 4 clients per month, and still have some openings in October and December 2015, as well as January, March and beyond in 2016.  What's with busy February? Anyone???

We're off to Europe in August and September, so please get in touch before August 10th or we will have to have a "virtual interview" by email while I'm sitting in a little B&B in the Outer Hebrides or in a small cottage in Provence!

So, please walk on over to now! Thanks to Communications Designer Alanna Munro (aka ma belle-fille) for brainstorming new projects and services, and doing all the technical and design work that is beyond me.  I'll be rolling out new offerings soon enough. Until then, you'll find lots to read that you won't find anywhere else!  - Jacquie