Thursday, June 14, 2007

Putting the Vancouver in Vancouver Doula

I'm going to have to time the ride to be more precise, but the trip from Vancouver Doula's new home to either St. Paul's or BC Women's Hospitals takes about...4 minutes.

Add that to the fact that the majority of my clients will now live within 15 minutes of me...and the result will be even better care.

I'll be able to pop over to check on clients having long prodromal labours, do emergency breastfeeding visits, actually get to meet former clients for tea (right, Brooke?), or even walk to "meet and greet" visits on South Granville or in Kits.

Think of the reduced environmental footprint! (Still toying with the idea of getting a scooter...)

All of this ties in with my philosophy of being conscious and conscientious about all things, and putting family first. By moving into town, we're saving gas and time consumption, and bringing our family closer together (one sister even lives upstairs)!

All of this will coincide with the birth of "my 700th baby." Client #699 gave birth just the other day (she lives so close to the hospital that she walked there after her water broke), with a whirlwind "the head's right there!" finish.

Here's hoping that Client 700 won't give birth on moving day. But, since babies tend to have a wry sense of humour, I'll kind of expect it...

See you in Vancouver on the 27th!

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Sandi said...

Yay! I'm glad that you have found a house and are moving into town. Hopefully we can meet for tea, the babies are growing so quickly, here is a picture that I took just last week,

I hope your move goes smoothly.