Friday, December 10, 2010

What have I been doing all this time?

In addition to my doula work, "loving the grandsons" has been added to my list of passions. With twins, there's a lot of room for family involvement, so we've all been chipping in daily to help out. My memory of this past summer is long long walks by the seashore with my husband, carrying the boys in slings, allowing their parents a break at sleep or eat, or just plain enjoy the peace and quiet.

It's been eight months filled with love and joy (we're not the sleepless ones).

Is there any downside? I tend to forget things more easily now, with so many things happening every day, but my calendar alerts keep me on task. So, clients...I may whisper when I answer my phone (sleeping babies!), and I might screen some prospective clients' calls if I'm rocking a tired boy while another stands holding my leg (I just can't reach my phone). Please accept my apologies in advance. BUT...the upside is that I now have a renewed and updated understanding of breastfeeding issues, sleep issues, introduction of solids, safety issues, attachment parenting...and a multitude of other topics. It's like I'm living a daily refresher course in how to support my clients through their pregnancies and postpartum experiences. You will benefit!

I'm now taking on fewer clients per month (4-5 at the most), so that I'm (hopefully) able to provide the best care to all. So, you'll need to call me early in pregnancy to book a spot. With this growing family, I'm learning to multitask all over again - and love it!

So, please don't hesitate to call or email! I'm here...just covered in babies from time to time....

Jacquie - Vancouver Doula


ebbandflo said...

wishing you and yours a very merry christmas and all the very best for 2011,
Amanda and Thomas

Jenna Anderson said...

i love love LOVE this post. while i've missed reading your bits of wisdom... i am SO glad that you've been able to be the support that you have to your family. as a birth doula and mama to two daughters 16 months apart (2.5 & 15 months)- i give you a standing ovation :)

Serenity said...

Jacquie! I am so happy for you and the journey you are on as a Grandma. I've appreciated all your support over this year...Julian is about to turn one and I don't know if Rob and I would have gotten through those first few weeks without your attentive support. Everything changes right?

All my best to you and yours this new year!

Lisa, Rob and Julian