Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Birth Paradox

On my first day of Stats 316, my prof said that there was a 99% probability of finding two people who shared the same birthday in our class of 57 people. This is known as the "Birthday Paradox". Well, I think I was hit with the doula equivalent today.

I walked to my visit this morning. As I got closer to the couple's house, I thought, "This is really close to where Julie and Trevor lived then they had their baby in 2001." I walked another block, checked the address...and, it was EXACTLY where J&T lived. The same green house on the corner. I know the bathroom where she laboured...the stairs she walked down as she headed to the hospital. Wow! I know this home has good birthing energy.

Funny thing is...I am working with ANOTHER couple right now who ALSO live in the same house as former clients. And neither of these couples have ANY connection to the former clients who used to live in their houses. No connection...

So...that's TWO repeat houses at once...after 21 years as a doula...after 800 births. Is it some sort of record? Or does it say something about the folding of time, the paradox of time? Or does Jacquie energy remain in these houses?

Let's call it the Birth Paradox.

- Jacquie Munro, Vancouver Doula

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meg said...

how very strange and somehow perfect?!? i love coincidence. the universe is very intential, however... :)