Saturday, May 10, 2008

63 new mums

Since last Mother’s Day, I’ve witnessed 63 women transformed into mothers. Pretty cool, eh?

So, to all the wee ones - give your mum a big wet kiss tomorrow!!!

(Sorry mums. It will probably be somewhere between 5am and 6am...but, babies never did have a great sense of timing...)

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Rosie said...

Jacquie, Congratulations on another year of mothering the mothers! How do you do it? I am quite curious really : ) If you'd like to email or just respond here I'd really appreciate it. I would've liked to support myself (single women) doing doula work exclusively but here in So.California we have so many awesome doulas that I was not able to. So I work a office job and take one birth a month. I am greatful for that one family and feel that I serve them well. Honestly I don't know if I could've done one birth every week. One month when I was unemployed I did attend 5 births and that is when I rethought my goal. How do you do it all? The interviews, prenatal meetings, postpartum meetings, and the glorious births! We give our hearts, minds, and bodies in such a profound, intense way - the practice of staying in the moment helps me tremendously. Thanks for sharing, Rosie