Monday, March 10, 2008

Body Surfing Mama

Well, we had an amazing and regenerating time on Maui. There are so many memories that will be treasured. But there's one that seems to sum up the incredible spell and power of Maui...

The other day, we were sitting on the sand at Po'olenalena Beach in Wailea, taking a break from snorkeling and boogie boarding. I looked up and saw a pregnant woman (she looked about 6 or 7 months...must have been having the "last fling" holiday) boldly heading into the surf with her husband, just glowing.

She lined up with the other couples trying out body surfing...waiting for that "just perfect" swell. She went for it on a big wave...and got totally tumbled in the surf. She came up for air, laughing and laughing, then bounded back into the water to wait for the next wave.

It was glorious to see her, tummy shining, fearless.

I sent her a wish that, on the day of labour, she draws on that fearlessness, and leaps into the waves just like she did at Po'olenalena Beach. the phone can ring again...

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James said...

Thanks Jacquie for sharing that story. It's always a pleasuer to raed about the long lost art of body surfing. Your post makes me excited to return to the sea.