Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birth with Joy

I always say that the decor doesn't matter during birth. What matters is that you are surrounded by loving people who will stand back while you birth, trusting you to labour in your own way, in your own time, without interference. Then, you can birth with joy.

Take a look at two births from "Future Midwife." They show the potential joy in birth.

Go to Youtube and search for "Birth 8" to view a one-minute joyful birth from France, and "Birth 6" to view an untouched twin birth at the same hospital.

I wonder if haptonomy has anything to do with what is happening in these clips? Okay, ready, set...research!

Note: You might have to affirm that you are old enough to watch (i.e. log in or register), but it's worth it! - Jacquie Munro, Vancouver Doula

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Noelle said...

Wow I just watched that Birth 8 video....amazing! And the look on her face as the baby comes out and she scoops him/her up in her arms -- I've never seen anyone so joyful!