Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Harper's Arrival

Today I drove a couple to the hospital.
I ran out of their building, jumped into my car, did a U-turn,
saw her kneeling on the stairs as if in deep prayer
her husband's body draped over her in protection.

Watch the bumps
30 minutes of head in the pillow
head on his lap
loving words
low moaning
legs braced for the curves in the road.

Water - I need water.
You're doing it.
You're amazing.

He calls out our progress
We're at Boundary
We've passed Knight Street
We're almost at Cambie
We're on Oak.

Press the button to obtain a ticket.

We park
One contraction
Two contractions
Back out of the car

Fully dilated


Kendra said...

I will be having a VBAC in 2 months and am currently looking for a Doula. I decided to do some searches for doula blogs for more information. I enjoy your blog and I love this post. What a strong woman. Fully dilated getting in and out of a bumpy car! AHH

Levi & Harper said...

The fastest daytime trip into Vancouver we've ever had. Jacquie makes a great cabbie, but a much better birth coach.
Leah's progress to and from the car wasn't pretty but it still was beautiful? The whole experience impressed upon me how powerful my wife is and how perfectly she was made to do this.
Thanks, Jaquie.
Levi and Harper.

Jacquie Munro said...

Leah and Levi -

I'll never forget coming into your bedroom...the amazing and beautiful glow that was coming from both of you...Levi smiling...Leah totally trusting and following her body. Thank you both for letting me be a witness to such a sacred day. - J.