Sunday, May 07, 2006

Libby's Birth...shorthand...

8:30am - “Things have started”...15 minutes apart...this is prelabour.
11:15am - “Go out and have fun,” says Jacquie. Mild contractions.
Afternoon - saw a movie, did Granville Island
6:30pm - True start of labour. 5 minutes apart.
7:40pm - Jacquie arrives. Shower was great. Leaning over table. “It's hot in here!”
9pm - Every 4 minutes now... astride chair...standing...hip shakes... "Ooooo"
9:30pm - New level of intensity - to shower with birth ball “That feels better.”
10pm - "Crash" as shower curtain falls. Out of on...moving, moving...
Midnight - Another shower. Jac calls hospital. “Crazy busy here,” says nurse.
1am - At hospital. Water breaks at 7 centimetres. “Is that good?” Yes!
2am - Sitting, standing, squatting, warm blanket on shoulders... in shower... “Are you kidding me?” exclaimed after strongest contraction.
4am - Lovely long break...”So relaxed!” ...then pushing...
4:15am - Squatting by bed...then to bathroom...
5:28am - Beautiful baby born...mum and dad facing each other, standing (just like their prenatal photo.) “We’ve been waiting to meet you!”

So many amazing labours in many lessons learned...
Thanks to Kathryn Langsford for her photographic skills.


Aimée Sturley said...

Lovely dips in the stream of your birth; thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

Kathryn does a wonderful job of capturing such a special time!

I cannot wait to go capture my sixth and final pregnancy, and then get a family shot of all eight of us! So exciting!

She took my prenatal photos back when I was pregnant in 2004 with the birth of my last ;D