Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Two perspectives

After reading my son's first university History essay, I've been thinking about perspective and truth. History is all about viewing the past through a critical lens. There are many truths. We must all make sure that we do not view history through a single homogenizing lens.

This is also true in birth.

When I attend a birth, I take notes. I try to avoid making editorial comments, or passing judgement. I am only an outside viewer. The husband and the medical staff see other truths, they view the birth from their own perspective.

The woman in labour lives her own truth. Those of us around her are guardians of her memory, and protectors of her emotional space, but we must be careful not alter her perceptions of her birth with our own observations, values or prejudices.

This is such a critical time in a woman's life. She is open and vulnerable.

What is her history that is being created on this day?

The post below is one woman's history. I wrote my own history of her birth on January 5th.

Two perspectives... But her truth is enduring...

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