Friday, December 09, 2005

All my previous clients have the correct spelling of my name "Jacquie Munro" and my email address. But doctors who've run out of my brochures resort to scribbling down my name for their clients... Oh, dear, just look what happens then...

Yes, I think it's time to send out more brochures when:
1) Clients try to google my name but have been given the wrong spelling,
2) A client sees an article about me, phones up the newspaper, then has to convince the editor to release my phone number (very resourceful, but could have resulted in the end of the search),
3) Old-school clients look for me in a phone book (no, it's not there!), and poor Jack Munro or Jackie Munroe, etc., still get the odd message about "wanting a doula" on their voicemail, or
4) One potential client googles "Adoula" thinking it's my name is not Adoula Munro.

People can always find me by googling "Vancouver" and "doula", since I'm "Vancouver Doula". Plus my email address is

But I still think I'll head down to the printers for some more moo the midwives and docs can still hand out my cards with the pretty photos...

- Jacquie Munro, Vancouver Doula

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