Tuesday, June 28, 2005

...the way some collect spoons

After the Birth

in her mind
she goes over and over the details,
how, close to the end,
she could no longer stand
the sound of her husband's breathing,
the pain
and the need to keep pushing
long after the baby was out
and the midwife gone

months later,
she still wants her husband
in bed late at night
to tell her once again what happened
but he is tired of broken sleep
and the crying babe
so she turns to other women
and collects birthing stories
the way some collect spoons

I'm home from a birth that spanned the night. Driving through the dark, I saw the husband turn left on yellow, wheels spinning ahead of me. She walked through the shushing doors and slowly lowered her body to the floor. - Are you feeling pressure? She nods. Husband with tears in eyes. Woman low moaning, rocking , swaying, hand tracing circles in the air. Ready to push so soon. In her own room now, windows open to the dark night. Birds singing at 2am. Such power. Then blocked by the power. Moving sitting, kneeling, no use, can't push, squatting, no good, standing, pushing in the chest. I shake her hips and she surrenders to the deep power and slides the baby down, body opening, and out into her arms. Dad streaming tears. Mum laughing laughing laughing... "Sophia!"

- Jacquie Munro, Vancouver Doula

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Calla said...

Jacquie- I've been devouring your archives since I discovered your blog a few days ago. I'm a new doula (when I still lived in the US, I was an OB nurse, but I moved to Holland for love and am not allowed to work as a nurse here). I'm quickly approaching the births of my first three clients, and I find great strength in your words. Your views parallel my own and you write so beautifully. My question is, could you please describe your "hip shaking" technique in more detail so that a rookie like me could use it? Thank you so much for your blog. I really love it.
Calla Payne