Monday, July 20, 2009

Slow Birth...Slow Medicine

It's been a long time since I wrote a new post...but so much has happened. The greatest joys and the greatest sorrows.

I took this photo while sitting and crying in a bathroom stall at the hospital, while my dad was in Emergency with a subdural hematoma caused by Acute Myeloid Leukemia, just ten days before his death. So much to take little time. The positive graffiti really helped me.

We sprung my dad from the hospital after a few days, with the support of his doctors - he really wanted to be home in his artist's studio. With 24/7 nursing care from the Palliative Home Service (angels all, those who practice Slow Medicine!) we helped dad make the transition to whatever plane of existence is on the other side.

I say "plane of existence" because that's a quote that my son made when he was about four years old. He sat in the back seat of our car, and chattered on about life and death. "Why do people get so sad when others die? They just go to another plane of existence. It's the same place that I was before I was born. And you didn't cry about me before I came, did you?"

So, my dad sailed away on a journey to another world...the world where babies come from...

And since dad died, I've mostly attended home births...Slow Births. Interesting. Dad's home death was peaceful, sad, happy, tearful, full of laughter, mystery, questions. It felt like I was at a long home birth. How fitting that the majority of births that I've attended in the past six weeks have been pretty much the same. All the babies came into the world as they should, with grace.

We help them come in...slowly...

We help them go out...slowly...

With dignity, with love and light.

- Jacquie Munro, Vancouver Doula, Slow Birth


Taryn said...

Oh Jacquie! This post is wonderful.

That plane of existance line is so powerful and gave me chills.

Thank you for posting!


Sarah said...

I had a feeling I should read your blog today.

Grandad still tried to dance in those last days. His foot would tap slowly, gracefully. It reminds me of how birthing women find themselves dancing during birth. That altered state of being.

Dance brings us into the other plane of existence.


ebbandflo said...

Your blog post came up in my reader, I read it and just wanted to come here and send some virtual hugs.

Christina said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Jacquie. I'm very glad your family had the support you needed to help your dad have a slow death and that you're having lots of loving slow births to support now.

*Myk* said...

This is beautiful. Thank-you for sharing. My prayers are with you.
Mykal---(aspiring birth doula)

Jenna Anderson said...

truly inspiring and beautiful... thank you for sharing.